Canada Post Strike Update

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Update: November 27, 2018

The Canadian government has legislated the postal workers back to work.  Mail times may vary as they work through the backlog created by the strike, but the rotating strikes are over and some sense of normalcy should return shortly.

Information below may be outdated.

It seriously pains me to write this and makes me eternally grateful that I did choose to do my Black Friday and Seasonal releases early in the hopes that peoples gifts could arrive in time.

For five weeks, Canada Post has been on rotating strikes throughout Canada. The nearest major centre to me is Calgary and, until this week, had been relatively lightly hit. Today is the second day in a row where Calgary has been on the strike list so I think they figured it out.

With the Canadian Union of Postal Workers rejecting the most recent deal, this job action is definitely going to affect online orders throughout the holidays and, being a small one-woman show, I just do not have the purchasing power to bring down the rates at alternate services like Purolator or FedEx.  I am planing to bring a new service to the United States on board which will bypass the Canadian Postal system altogether, but this is not in place yet while I figure out my new rates.  I'm hoping to have it in place in December, but no guarantees on when right now.

Canada Post has stated that they no longer guarantee delivery times (even on the more expensive priority and expresspost options) and that mail backlogs are very bad (last I heard, there was something like 500 TRAILERS of mail waiting at distribution centres and Canada post had put out an appeal to international mail centres to halt sending any mail to Canada lest this amount be even more unmanageable than it already is.

Way to start the holiday season, right?

The reason for this post is to let you know what is happening here and so you might be understanding when your packages take a bit longer than usual.  I hate to discourage anyone from choosing Jot to purchase gifts this holiday season....but I don't want any of you to stress over when something will arrive.   If you are in the Calgary area, feel free to contact me to set up a private shopping event where you can shop in person.  I do not have any further markets planned in 2018, but I will do what I can to accommodate requests.

I am open for business as usual and am doing the bulk of my mailing from the next town over as it goes directly to the distribution centre from there.  This means the orders are on their way as fast as I can make them go.  I am doing everything I can to minimize delays on my end, but delays are inevitable.   

It is my hope that Canada Post and the Union can work harder to find a deal before more online business are hurt beyond recovery.  

If you would like to help end this strike, I encourage you to send an email to your member of parliament (find out yours here) and ask them to do everything in their power to end this situation. 


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