In the event of a Postal Strike

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Canada Post is in negotiations with its workers and are hopefully working hard to avoid strike action, which could start as early as September 26, 2018. (Canadian Union of Postal Workers seems to have the most up to date information)

As a small business owner in Canada, this is EXTREMELY worrying for me as we head into the holiday season.  Over 95% of my business is online and I choose to use Canada Post to save my customers money on shipping.  Couriers are prohibitively expensive for a business like mine and would ultimately mean the total charge on an order could DOUBLE the entire order cost. I WILL NOT do that to my customers.

So, with this in mind, I wanted to let you all know exactly how Jot will handle the strike or lockout should it happen.

1) all orders to date have been shipped and are in the postal system. I feel this will allow enough time at this point for Canadian orders to reach their destinations and more than enough time for international orders to leave Canada Post.

2) orders placed will be shipped immediately up until Monday, September 24. At this point, I can not guarantee that they will not be delayed in the event of a strike. If you are worried, hold off on ordering. Until mid-week next week when more of the picture will be known.

3) I will remain open during a disruption but all orders will be held until any strike action is over. I will email you to inform you if you place an order during that time. During the rolling strike in 2016, I spent an entire summer opening and closing my shop.  I do not wish to do that this time.

4) if you have an item you want but would like to purchase after the disruption - I will happily set up a reserve listing for you to ensure you can still get it. You can message me via my contact page to arrange this (first come first served)

It is my hope that, this close to holiday shipping, the involved parties will find a satisfactory solution and avoid any disruption...but in case they don’t, at least you now know how I will be managing things on my end.

❤️ Cori 

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