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For years I have hesitated to put together a PR team, but as things have gotten busier at Jot and at home, I realize I need to branch out and bring on some help.   So – I am answering the call of a thousand messages and making dreams come true for everyone who ever asked if I needed PR people!  I’ll be looking for 3-5 people and am trying my best to build a PR program that will benefit us both.


  • Must be following @shopjot on Instagram
  • Must have over 800 followers on Instagram (this is flexible) and be a public account
  • Must be a real person with a real life. I’m not looking for people to post JUST planner spreads or pristinely styled photos. I want you to show how you USE your Jotbooks in your REAL, messy, awesome life (with some of those pretty shots thrown in for good measure).


  • PR Team Discount code of 30% off any product at Jot (no minimum purchase)
  • I will refund up to $50 Canadian on your first order as a welcome offer – this way you can use your discount to get what you want since etsy doesn’t allow a discount and a shop credit on the same order.
  • 10% PR Discount code – this is a code you can offer your followers.
  • For each 10 times the discount code is used – you will receive a shop credit for the average sale value of those 10 uses. This includes your own purchases.
  • During shop sales when my discounts are higher than your PR Discount – if you have promoted the sale – your followers can mention you in the notes for their orders and I will add those sales to your tally – including during the misfit sale.
  • Increased exposure to your Instagram account when I repost your images.
  • Possibility of receiving free product as a tester or just because I feel like mailing you something. I’m generous like that.

Term and Expectations:

This is a one year position. (July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019)

You will be required to post a minimum 5 Jot photos per month in your regular feed and however many you want to your Instastories. I don’t expect your entire feed to be dedicated to just Jot, but I do want to see that you are putting in the effort. You will also need to post your PR Code regularly to your followers (either in your posts or in your bio). You will also help promote any sales that I have, including the annual Misfit Sale in March. I will keep the team informed through a monthly newsletter.

How to apply:

  • Make sure you meet the requirements above.
  • Complete the application form at this link: Form removed.  Applications are now closed.
  • You will have until June 20, 2018 to submit your application

Those selected will be notified by end of day June 25, 2018. I will be selecting 3-5 Team Members. Once selected, you will need to provide me with a photo you would like me to use when I announce the team the first week in July. Be enthusiastic and be you! I want to see what makes YOU shine in this. Good luck and I look forward to seeing what you all have to show

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