#JotJournalsSept - a New Journal Challenge

Posted by Cori Nicholls on

I'm going to start hosting a monthly challenge for at least the next few months.  It is all about creative journaling and I'd love to see you all play along on your social media.   The challenge for September is "Creative Microjournaling" and I'd love to see you all work small in celebration of the introduction of the Tiny Key-Per.  You can make your own tiny inserts by cutting some standard business card-size paper and folding it in half and stapling it.  Trim the width and height by about an eighth of an inch with a sharp utility knife and a ruler and you are set to begin even before you have your Tiny Key-Per in your hands!

Share your posts on social media with the hashtags #JotJournalsSept - I can't wait to see what we all come up with!

Here are the Prompts!  I hope you'll have some fun with them!

I will be posting a new list of prompts on the Blog every month.

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