Starbucks Logo - Clip-on Planner Pen Loop

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Includes one pen loop - individual colours are sold separately
Design: Starbucks Logo

Length: 1.5 inches (with clip laid flat)
Width: 0.75 inches

Gone are the days of trying to make a built in pen loop work for you - you can attach this pen loop anywhere you find it most comfortable. Just clip and flood the handles flat against your dashboard or notebook cover.

These nifty add-ons are the perfect addition to any planner -whether you need first pen loop or want an extra (or two) in your planner. You can use them with any planner to add a pen loop wherever you need one most.

Made of decorative elastic and a simple binder clip - the loop will stretch to accommodate most pens. The elastic is attached with a durable, industrial-strength adhesive.

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