Royal Purple Suede - Snapped Leather Desk/Valet Tray

  • $20.00

These leather trays are so handy, you could probably find a use for one in every room of your house. 

All four corners have metal snaps (silver colour) that, when connected, create a flexible but sturdy tray.

A few uses (but only limited by your imagination, really):

  • Holding small supplies on your desk
  • A place to drop your keys when you get home
  • Dice tray for your DnD session (also fits neatly inside a jotbook when unsnapped - ie: portable)


Snapped: 4x6 inches
Flat: 4.5 x6.5 inches

Leather Description

Colour: Royal Purple
Leather description: Very soft and flexible suede that was factory coloured.  There is a possibility of initial slight colour transfer on this leather so it is not recommended it be in contact with light coloured objects that may be prone to staining.