White Witch Doctor - Custom Size - Altered Lit Traveler's Notebook

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Altered Lit Traveler's notebooks are upcycled hardcover books.  They are each one of a kind and only available in limited sizes.  Even better - these covers are 100% vegan to help you support your cruelty free lifestyle and by diverting from landfills, these also support Jot's Zero Waste initiative.

Unique features of Altered Lit JotBooks

* Created from hardcover books that would have been disposed of - thereby diverting waste from landfills
* Each cover is one of a kind
* Grommets on all elastic holes
* Felt lined
* Closure elastic hole is in the spine for a smooth writing experience
* Vegan
* Protective cloth dustbag included with each cover
* Orders will ship within 24 hours in most cases

No matter what you call it - TN, Traveler’s notebook, fauxdori - simply stated, it is a japanese-style, refillable journal cover. Inside the cover are multiple strands of elastic to hold the notebooks in place. The notebook is held closed with an elastic loop. It enables you to carry multiple notebooks within a single cover and when you fill one up, you can swap it out for a fresh one and keep the same cover. TNs are perfect for people who like to change things up often or if you are still figuring out what you like in the planner world. One notebook to rule them all is a pretty high order, but with the flexibility of this notebook system, you really can have it all in one place.

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I also carry a number of one-of-a-kind handpainted covers - including the popular “GalaxyJot”


White Witch Doctor by Louise A. Stinetorf

Please note: I have taken great pains to source books in good condition, but these are older and upcycled items and will likely have some shelf wear from their years of being loved as reading materials.  This is normal and should be expected.

Size and Details

Closed Dimensions: 8.5 X 5.5 inches (1 inch spine)
Open Dimensions: 8.5 X 12.25 inches

This cover is not a standard insert size so expect that you will need to create your own inserts with the dimensions of 7.5 x 5 inches

Number of Elastics: 4

Felt Colour: Black