Planner Charm Extender/Tail for Traveler's Notebook or Ring Planner

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This handy add on is the perfect way to create a custom charm for your Traveler's Notebook or Ring Planner.  

The attached ring allows you to customize your own planner charm with the many clip on charms available in my shop. You can add several single charms to the ring to make a planner decoration that perfectly suits your style!


Traveler's Notebook

Pull the extender loop through the elastic on the spine and then pull the ring through the loop to secure.

Ring Planner

Simply slip the loop of the cord over the top ring of your binder and let it hang over the spine. 

TN Tail

If you have been on the hunt for one of the popular "TN Tails" - this handy extender does double duty.  Simply loop two of them together and you have an instant planner tail that you can customize with any charms you want. (please note you will need to purchase two charm extenders for this option)

Once connected, you can loop it through the bottom of the inner elastics on your TN or onto the last ring on your ring planner.


Metal Colour: Silver
Cord Colour: Black

Listing includes ONE Charm extender (you will need to purchase TWO if you wish to make a planner tail)

Charms shown are not included.

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